This Groom Has Got It Goin' On!

I was talking with a friend who is about to celebrate his 1 year anniversary.

He asked, "Do you think it is a good idea for me to contact the same florist that did our wedding and have her put together a flower bouquet that incorporates components from our floral designs used at our wedding?"

I told him "That is a phenomenal idea!"

It will help take both the bride and groom right back to that very special moment in time. The mind is very powerful. Through familiar scents, sites and songs, we can be instantly transported back to a memorable occasion from our past. That will open the conversation about all of the beautiful events that happened on their wedding day.

A seemingly simple, romantic act....


What They Are Saying...

George is an expert in his field and respected by many. The way in which he handles himself has earned him the respect of all who have the pleasure to work with him. He is a sincere individual who is professional yet approachable, as well as being an incredible asset to the wedding industry.

Fraser Forde - Former Operations Director, The Party Machine