Guests Choose Whether the Bride or Groom Gets Wedding Cake In The Face!

At a recent wedding reception for Corey & Kaitlin Jones, they had a very cute idea. The money dance is often a very awkward event to include at a wedding reception. Their novel idea replaced it with something fun for all guests. Kaitlin and Corey had 2 decorative jars on the gift table: One labeled "Him"; One labeled "Her". Guests were asked to "vote" for which one of them would get cake in the face by putting money in the respective jars. Of course, Corey "won". The guests loved it. (And Corey & Kaitlin had some extra honeymoon money) I have some ideas to take that up about 2 levels!

What They Are Saying...

Thanks so much…working with you was a big help.Thank you for being a part of Andy and Whitney’s big day.You were great!

Brenda Stepp (Mother of the Bride)