DJ Ruins a Wedding Reception

As a disc jockey and master of ceremonies, I sometimes take for granted that clients are used to a high level of service. The truth is that most people are not accustomed to planning a wedding. Therefore, they have no idea of the differences in djs or the difference a great dj can make at their party. Certain errors in judgment can cause what would otherwise be a tremendous party to be a lack-luster event.

Last night, I had the pleasure of providing my services for Greg and Angela Stabler (Formerly Angela Marvin). The wedding ceremony and reception was held at Occasions at Wedgefield in Central, SC. I prepared for the event with my customary tools and extensive meeting process. While in progress. I thought the party was "pretty good". Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

After the final dance, when I invited the guests outdoors to send off Angela and Greg with a bubble shower, one of the ladies stopped me and said, "I wish I had known you earlier." Of course I asked, "Why is that?" She said, "My daughter was recently married in Florence, SC. Our dj was good. But he was no where near as wonderful as you. Thank you for a fantastic event." I thanked her and proceeded with the send-off for Greg and Angela.

After the exit of the bride and groom, another lady re-entered the building and visited my table where I was gathering my notes and preparing to pack while the background music was playing. She said, "I wish I could have had you for my daughter's wedding." You made such a difference in this event! You kept the event alive- and it was personalized with memorable items for the bride and groom. You were fantastic! We wanted everything perfect for my baby girl's wedding: the food was wonderful, the venue was beautiful, the cake was delicious. But, the dj was terrible." She continued with, "After all of those wonderful things, the only comments I heard were 'the dj was horrible'." I asked how she selected the dj. She told me that it was a friend of a friend. She said, "The sad part was that we wanted everything to be perfect. Money was no object. We simply made a bad selection." I apologized for her bad experience, assured her that there were great, professional djs available, and told her 'thank you' for her compliments. She asked for a business card and assured me that she would tell everyone about the wonderful time she had ot Greg and Angela's event.

Another guest approached the wedding director, Cynthia Phillips of Your Wedding Lady. I heard her say, "Keep him close. He made this event perfect." That one caused a tear in my eyes. I want every single wedding to be perfect.

Finally, after everyone left, I was moving my equipment to the sidewalk in order to pack it in the van. The mother of the bride showed up with friends to help collect the remaining items. After they finished, they got in their cars to leave. I was halfway up the sidewalk when I heard the mother of the bride call, "George".

I turned and said, "Yes ma'am?" She said, "You are the best wedding dj ever!" I said, "Thank you." She replied, "No. Thank YOU!"

Greg and Angela can look back on this day for a long time. And maybe, just maybe, thinking of their dj will make them smile. I hope so!

George Koury

Carolina Party Professionals

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What They Are Saying...

Best Wedding DJ in South Carolina! Truly cares about his clients and strives to exceed their expectations! Professional, courteous and top of his game every time! Wonderful speaking voice, latest technology in equipment and a vast music library. He is the one you want for your Special Day! As an owner of a facility, I can rest assured that our event will be a success when George is our entertainment.

Cynthia Phillips - Founder/Executive Director, Occasions at Wedgefield and YourWeddingLady.com