Melissa & Woody Crenshaw March 17, 2012

When Melissa called me last year about scheduling her date, she said "I have several dates chosen. I just want to make sure I can get you as the dj and Magnolia Studios as my photographer. I am flexible on everything else."  It didn't sink in right away. But, a few minutes after I hung up the phone, it hit me. She was scheduling her date around the dj and photographer she wanted. I was humbled at that thought.

Melissa and Woody were a fantastic bride and groom to work with. We planned and personalized everything to their wishes.

Todd and Jon at Magnolia Studios captured every special moment beautifully AND without ever being obtrusive.

They were fun, engaging and professional.

Melissa & Woody First Dance http://www.magnolia-studios.com

What They Are Saying...

George is an expert in his field and respected by many. The way in which he handles himself has earned him the respect of all who have the pleasure to work with him. He is a sincere individual who is professional yet approachable, as well as being an incredible asset to the wedding industry.

Fraser Forde - Former Operations Director, The Party Machine