Rare Artistry Provides Classy, Unique Gift For Guests At Weddings!

Last night, I had the pleasure of being the Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey for the wedding and reception of Woody Crenshaw & Melissa Whittaker.

The event took place at Augusta Manor in Greenville, SC. The main colors were black and white (with just a hint of green for St. Patrick's Day).

As a special surprise gift, guests were provided with a silhouette of themselves.

Silhouettes were once the most popular means of capturing a likeness until the invention of the camera. Many families upheld the tradition of hanging silhouettes in their homes for generations, which kept the art alive. And now, as professional quality photos have become more easily attainable with technology,the silhouette is regaining its popularity as a truly rare and treasured work of art. Not only may this art be performed within minutes, the subject becomes the theme of their own original art, both beautiful and sentimental.

Patti Rischforth, a local artist, produced each amazing piece of art in only 3-5 minutes for each guest. Guests would sit in front of Patti's table as she worked her magic with scissors, a special black matte paper, a keen attention to detail, and unparalleled hand-eye coordination. Once complete, the piece was placed in a custom designed keepsake folio comemorating the wedding day. Patti created these folios with the names of the bride and groom as well as her drawing of Melissa's actual bridal gown! Not only did Patti create one silhouette, but 2 at a time! The second was placed in an album which she then had the guest to sign and write a note to Melissa and Woody!

This was truly a classy, elegant and very unique touch to an already beautiful event.

It was fun and exciting to see the guest's faces light up with delightful surprise when they were presented with their gift!

My scans of the silhouette she created for me as well as the cover adorn this article.


phoca thumb l geosillhouette

phoca thumb l sillhouettecover

Patti's gallery is located at Art Crossing Marketplace near Fall's Park in downtown Greenville, SC.




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